[Funnel Series 9]

It’s Possible to Create a Business Online from Scratch?

I was working in construction, decoration, and cleaning, with my own companies for 38 years.

What made me start to create this kind of life was the fact that I didn’t like to have a “boss” or be trapped in a fixed working schedule.

I was getting a good income but even that was not enough to achieve my goals and with the speed that I wanted, due to also the global financial instability, the economy “crash” of 2007, etc.

Money was never enough!

And then in April 2019, a severe accident while at work, got me into hospital surgeries and in hard recovery for some months with physical movement limitations, preventing me from going back to my previous work.

My work was my only source of income, I only knew well about construction, so life looked very uncertain.

Everything went on standby, depending on government help, my wife working for us…

Then at some point, it came to me the idea of becoming a Virtual Assistant for a company, answering surveys, or even starting to sell online.

What could I do, if I was not a technical person (my use of the internet was limited to put words on the Google searches if I need to find something), didn’t know how to use tools like “Office” and didn’t have anything to put in my CV except my construction background.

I started looking for possibilities of working online, many were “scams” or “quick rich schemes”.

One day, going through the Google search I saw a chance to watch a Free Workshop Training video series about the possibilities of starting an online business from scratch.

That was the moment that I saw a “light at the end of the tunnel”.

After the workshop was presented, I was given the possibility, for a very small amount, to buy and start a course to learn how to build a business online from scratch with no need of having money to invest.

I started to dedicate 4 hours a day to learn and apply what was taught (I was still every day doing physiotherapy at home and in the hospital).

Then, finishing the course, selecting a free and low-cost strategy to promote the same course I had done, I became an Affiliate Marketer with the intention of being paid on a commissions basis.

The platform that I used (for being more viable, at the time) was Facebook, where I started to post daily to create awareness about myself and my product.

I was very enthusiastic and pretty sure that in the span of 90 days I would be earning the 10 K/ monthly as everyone was saying.

The truth of the matter was that very few people (mostly friends) were actually seeing my posts.

I realized then that I needed to learn more about the subject of “Writing a compelling post”, “Funnels”, etc.

But more importantly, I needed to learn how to grow fast in the number of people following me (find my ideal customer and streams of traffic) and how to sell to them.

Without money to buy advertising, the only way was to become very good at getting my message across (becoming a real digital marketer).

I need to get a good grasp of structures and funnels to be effective and get good results.

I started to sell 4 months after the first course and since then never stopped growing.

With a very well-organized administrative structure, time planning, etc, and using 40% of my commissions to invest in paid advertising everything started to get in place.

Recently, after 8 months I sold my first 2 “High Tickets” (commission of $1,000 each) and the goal of the 10 K/ monthly started to be within my reach!

Most of all, I feel very proud of myself for coming from a “dead end” and creating a new career in a few months.

This situation has united all the family and I can’t ask for a more supportive situation.

I’m very aware that this journey is just at the beginning, and that a brilliant future awaits!

Luis Chester

Funnel Consultant

[NOTE]: This is my Epiphany Story that I’m now re-publish as part of the Funnel Series.

There is a framework structure to write this, and later one I will give to you.

This single Story has proven to sell, and continue to sell.



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Luis Chester

I start my education on Digital Marketing from scratch and choose to work as an Affiliate Marketer. This Blog is the story of my Journey 4Anew Lifestyle.